Before you begin, please consider, are you ready for a pet?

Here are the adoption processes,

  • 1) Visit and view adoption pet

    During the visit to our cat room, you might already have a first impression to the cats you want to adopt, if you have any further questions, you can either email us or call us at 236-234-4488.

  • 2) Complete an adoption application form

    Once you find a cat you are interested in, take note of their name and fill out the application form attached in this email.

  • 3) Talk with our staff 

    After we review the application, we will schedule an time to call you. We will be answering any question you may have about the animal or the adoption process, and we will be also asking few questions to make sure they are in proper hands.

  • 4) Prepare for your new family

    Second visit, book an appointment again to interact with the cats you applied for. This is gonna be your final decision! Having a new member in the house could be a difficult decision, once you confirm you will provide a forever home to the cats, you can process to prepare for them. Our staff will give you a brief idea of what kinds of pet supplies the cats would be needing (i.e. foods, treats and so on)and what should be paying attention to.

  • 5) Bring your new family home!

    We will need one government issued photo identification. After you second visit and if you are well-prepared, you would be able to bring your new family home!